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Dj Scarface - The Remixes

New "Los Angeles Chronicles" EP featuring Big Prodeje

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New "MUZIK" EDM Album by Dj Scarface

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"Public Enemy #1" Album by Dj Scarface

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"DOPE" Album by Dj Scarface ft Big Prodeje

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Press Release - New "Dope" Album featuring Big Prodeje (10-06-15 Release Date)

DJ Scarface's newest project featuring Big Prodeje is prophetic with lyrics from its title track, which shares the same name as the album, Dope:

"It's like she got a hit of something now she can't I just give her dope."

And that is exactly what you get with this album - from the first track to the last - each and every song is a hit of pure Dope. This collection of anthems is an addictive blend of contemporary sounds upon which, Big Prodeje, lyrically releases a variety of stylistic flows that display his diversity as an MC. If music were a drug, this release would embody exactly what the basic definition of dope is: tracks that bang with lyrical substance that gets you high and makes you feel good.

The synergy between DJ Scarface and Big Prodeje on this collaboration is bottom line infectious. DJ Scarface-formerly a DJ with residencies at Groove Radio 103.1FM, as well as the hottest club in Hollywood, Billboard Live-brings that energy of the club and the radio. While, Big Prodeje-founding member of South Central Cartel-brings the hard-hitting swag of the streets. Also lacing the tracks are features with Cali Pitts, King Ross Pedro, and an R & B track featuring Gritz.

Musically, the album takes you on a journey that embraces the roots of authentic West Coast Hip Hop, while sonically and lyrically bending stylistic lines. With this new release, DJ Scarface taps into Big Prod's historical roots of West Coast G-Funk, and cuts it with new sounds that have more of a club vibe. The project showcases Big Prodeje's flexibility-he can flow to any beat and make it Dope with lyrical content and delivery.

If art reflects life, and Dope is an aphorism for pleasure, then you are definitely going to get off on this project. As the image of a microphone with a needle on the album's cover reflect...

...every track featured is the Dope that will get you in the zone musically, get you on the page you want to get on lyrically, and inject you with purely Dope music.

You can check out the video for the first single "Honest To God," here. The digital release drops October 6th on iTunes. Stay tuned for the follow-up video, "All Guud," featuring Big Prodeje and Cali Pitts.


BrickCity2LA EP - Purchase Now

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dj Scarface & 050 BOYZ Feat Big Prodeje - "All GuuD" from BrickCity2LA EP

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dj Scarface ft 050 BOYZ & Gritz - "WOOSH" from BrickCity2LA EP

It Ain't a Hit Til Nate Dogg Spits on It - Remixxx EP

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dj Scarface ft Priest & Kajmir - Like Bosses from Godface Mixtape

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dj Scarface presents King Ras Pedro - Queen Like HER from GodFace Mixtape

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Exclusive Interview with DJ Scarface on

Q: So when did you first get into the Hip Hop scene?
A: I Started listening and going to Hip Hop Concerts way back in the mid 80?s.

Q: What was the first thing you noticed you were going to have to do to be a great DJ?
A: Be versatile! Be able to mess with all types of music.

Q: How did you first come with your stage name?
A: Dj Scarface - Thought i was the Tony Montana of this Dj game after doing it for a decade.



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